• Alex Caballero. Teacher Training Erasmus in Krakow.
    It has been a truly positive experience where I have seen different ways of working with students, actively participating in their classes and talking to each of the teachers individually.
  • Neva Rivera. Teacher Training Erasmus in Vilnius.
    Throughout the week I got to meet teachers from other design schools (from France, Holland, Turkey, Italy and Spain), invited to participate in the International Design Week organized by the host school. The get-together offered a networking workspace, for sharing teaching experiences and to promote future collaborations.
  • Joana Martínez and Sheila Terron. On-the-job training Erasmus in Scotland.
    It was a positive experience, we were able to learn how to live independently, work as a team, get through adversity and live with people from other cultures, and all in another language, all high points of our trip.
  • Mireia Domènec. On-the-job training Erasmus in Bratislava.
    I really wanted to visit central and eastern Europe, since for me it was one of the least known areas of the continent. Spending three months in Bratislava has allowed me to discover many things that I didn't know about, such as the character and customs of the Slovaks, and I was able to visit a lot of central Europe, just like I wanted. I have also met people from different countries, some of which have become good friends. In short, it has been a positive experience that I would repeat without hesitation.