The first level educational and vocational training in photography teaches students to perform technical, expressive and operational functions in the field of photography, as well as understanding its instruments and material means.

Students will also specialize in the printing production and publishing tasks involved in preparing work for printing (books, magazines, catalogs, flyers, advertising, packaging, signage, etc.).

To carry out those tasks a broad knowledge of visual language and software applications is necessary.

At the school we aim to furnish students with a comprehensive base in terms of cultural and visual training, strategies to bolster creativity and sensitivity and also promote critical thinking.

Course objectives

  • Understanding the different phases of the photographic production process and cooperate in capturing, printing and post-printing procedures according to the project instructions.
  • Interpreting and carrying out the technical instructions for performing photographic projects.
  • Using editing and design software as well as text, drawing and image treatment applications skillfully.
  • Knowing in detail the technical specifications of the materials and equipment used and organizing their corresponding periodic preventive maintenance
  • Creating drafts and mock-ups to present to clients.
  • Designing text and images according to the stylistic and technical instructions given for a project. Preparing for printing.
  • Obtaining, correcting, transcribing and digitally processing texts and images for printed graphic products.
  • Detecting problems, cooperating with quality control tasks and performing the corresponding adjustments throughout the different phases of the graphic production process.
  • Knowing and applying the regulations applicable to design and graphic production as well as the preventive and protective measures for the workplace.


First year

Representation workshop
Digital media
History of Graphic Design
Production and Printing
Photographic Technique. Initiation
Analog and digital workshop (I)
Technical English

Second year

Final Piece
Foundations of Graphic Design
Work Guidance and Training
Photographic equipment
Analog and digital workshop (II)

Academic itineraries

Upon completing this course students become Assistant Specialists, allowing access to:

  • Upper Secondary Education (Bachillerato)
  • Second level Educational and Vocational Training (after passing an access exam).

Job prospects

Assistant specialists in printed graphic products_Photography profile, perform
photography and associated design activities in companies related to: photographic equipment services, suppliers and distributes; audiovisual, publicity and communication material production; fashion; publishing; industry in general; industrial photography and cinematography laboratories.

It is currently one of the professional fields in high demand and continuous expansion.

Graduates can either become freelancers or get hired, either independently or
in collaboration with other professionals.