About the school

The Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny Serra i Abella is a public center dedicated to artistic education.
Specifically, the courses available are:

  • Second level Educational and Vocational Training in the Graphic Communication and Audiovisual fields.
  • Higher Education in Design (ESDAP), equivalent to a University Degree in Graphic Design.

All courses are officially recognized.

The school is quite young, born in 1989, a pioneer in the implementation of new art curricula. We define ourselves as a Catalonian school integrated in the European Union, with curricula adapted to Bologna.

Our low student-per-classroom ratios allow close and individualized attention, and each student can be monitored according to their personal evolution.

As a school network, it is important that coming up next be inquired about, analyzed, and talked about. Nobody model fits each network. There is no exploration about what number of evaluations to incorporate on another secondary school grounds. As often as possible, contemplations other than what is “ideal” instructive drive choices about which understudies will go to another school. For instance, a few understudies and guardians might not have any desire to be reassigned to the new grounds. Or then again, some might need to go to in light of the fact that the school will have new offices or be nearer to their home. So also, courses of action for staffing the new school become intricate and focused.
“One size does not fit all,” normally alludes to separation and how understudies learn. Be that as it may, it can likewise be connected to what evaluation levels ought to be incorporated into another secondary school setting. What is achievable for one school area and its understudies may not be so for another. “The hidden issue that was found during writing a research by https://australianessay.site/ is in what capacity should we design instructive establishments, not what grade-length setup is ideal”. In any case, the exploration is clear about the significant parts that ought to be viewed as when setting up a secondary school grounds.
Consistently numerous new school grounds open. The choice about what number of evaluations of understudies to incorporate is unpredictable. The accompanying schools and areas as of late opened new grounds and give direction about how they chose which evaluations to incorporate.

The school works towards training professionals in the visual and graphic world, creators with critical capacity, open to innovative ideas in design, with intellectual and technical resources.
We understand Art and Design as a creation with its own value, imbued with concept, and not just a pretty shell, with no content.

Hence, our goal is to furnish society with people trained in the different disciplines of visual and graphic communication, professionals that are creative and sensitive to their environment, conscious that their tasks must be relevant and useful for society’s development and improvement. Always underscoring respect for, and preservation of, the environment, in terms of making good use of resources and recycling, as well as respectful and responsible enjoyment of natural resources and landscapes.

The school declares itself secular and plural. As a public school, and within the legal framework that prescribes equal rights for all citizens before the Administration, we are respectful with the diverse philosophical conceptions of the world and of life, as well as with the ideological pluralism of the society we live in.
Our intention is to continue working to make the school a democratic and participative space, establishing positive relationships with others, facilitating cooperation, team work and collective strategies.